Thriller will showcase talents of young actress Tara Allen
A lonely ex-cop falls for a woman who hires him to find her runaway thirteen year old daughter. He finds the girl and sees a chance for a family and happiness. But he doubts the woman's story and haunted by a fear of betrayal he uses the girl to pursue the truth. He soon finds that truth is the first casualty of love.

This new feature project, currently in development, will bring the writer, director and producer together again with the key creatives in cinematography, sound, music and editing.
Love Motel tells the story of a lonely ex-cop (RANDALL), who gets caught up in the violent conflict between a wild thirteen year old girl (ALLY), her manipulative mother (SONIA), and her lawless father (DALE).

Only Ally can tell Randall the truth about what happened to Dale. Driven by his passion for Sonia, Randall enters Ally's world and is drawn into a web of deception and betrayal. Randall's survival, and Ally's sanity, depend on his struggle to make sense of death and desire at the Love Motel.
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