Bendigo Advertiser, 7 July 2012
GREAT DAY TOPS EXCITING YEAR One of Central Victoria's favourite UK composers recently celebrated her 90th birthday. full story

 Fatea Magazine, 1 July 2012
OLDIE COMPOSERS RAISE FUNDS FOR BARNARDOS The competition provides an opportunity for the older generation to showcase their talents. full story

 Phoenix FM, 27 June 2012
HAPPY BIRTHDAY JO! Jo talks to Geoff Morris of Phoenix FM on her 90th birthday. full audio

 Ilford Recorder, 21 June 2012
BARKINGSIDE SONGWRITER PARTIES WITH TERRY WOGAN An 89-year-old Barkingside songwriter brushed shoulders with the stars on Monday at a party hosted by Sir Terry Wogan. full story

 The Havering Bulletin, March 2012
A FAMILY HISTORY IN UPMINSTER Eighty years ago, at the age of nine, Josephine Levy moved to a house in Corbets Tey Road. full story

 East London Guardian, 13 February 2012
BARKINGSIDE SONGWRITER KNOCKED OUT OF COMPETITION An elderly songwriter remains hopeful of having a hit song despite being knocked out of a competition. full story

 Bendigo Advertiser, 1 February 2012
MUM LUCKS OUT ON SONGWRITING PRIZE BUT WON'T STOP ROCKING Peta is supporting her mum Jo Masters and her goal of becoming a published songwriter before her 90th birthday this year. full story

 Ilford Recorder, 31 January 2012
BARKINGSIDE 89-YEAR-OLD'S SONGS GET NEW LEASE OF LIFE An 89-year-old Barkingside songwriter said she was delighted her music has met with public acclaim despite falling at the last hurdle of a national competition. full story

 Phoenix FM, 26 January 2012
ALL SHE WANTS IS FOR HER SONG TO BE HEARD Jo's daughter talks to Geoff Morris of Phoneix FM. full report

 This is Local London, 12 January 2012
VETERAN BARKINGSIDE SINGER ONE STEP CLOSER TO HAVING DREAM HIT SONG An 89-year-old songstress who entertained the troops in the Second World War is a step closer to realising her lifelong dream of having a hit record. full story

 Wanstead & Woodford Guardian, 5 January 2012
JO SHOWS OLD SONGS ARE THE BEST A singer who performed for soldiers in the Second World War is hoping to fulfill her life-long dream of having a hit song of her own. full story

 Goldfields Community Radio, 5 January 2012
89 YEARS OLD AND A SONGWRITER Wow, this is a great story here ... you need to send a copy off to KD Lang and Michael Bublé! full audio

 Bendigo Advertiser, 4 January 2012
DAUGHTER HELPS MUM FOLLOW DREAM A Castlemaine woman is pulling out all the stops to make her mother's lifelong dream come true. full story

 Warlingham and District Anglers' Society
HELP CREATE BRITAIN'S OLDEST POP STAR! A couple of years ago Chairman Dave Harper took Peta Masters' father out fishing for the first time at the ripe old age of 90. Now 89 year-old mum Jo is aiming to be Britain's oldest popstar! full story

 East London Guardian, 25 December 2011
VETERAN AIMS FOR DREAM HIT SONG A singer who wrote musicals and performed for soldiers in the Second World War is hoping to fulfill her life-long dream of having a hit song. full story

 Ilford Recorder, 22 December 2011
JO SHORTLISTED IN SONGWRITING COMPETITION AT THE AGE OF 89 Winning tune will be recorded to raise funds for Barnardo's. full story

 Midland Express, 21 December 2011
MAKE JO'S DREAM COME TRUE When Castlemaine resident, Peta Masters, asked her 89-year-old mum what she'd like for her 90th birthday, little did she know the firestorm of activity she'd be causing across three continents! full story

 Richmond News, 20 December 2011
89-YEAR-OLD GRANDMA INSPIRES GRANDCHILDREN, WON'T 'GIVE IN' Jo Masters has acted on screen and stage, but longs to publish one of her songs. full story

 Ilford Recorder online, 18 December 2011
BARKINGSIDE SONGWRITER JO MASTERS, 89, READY TO FULFILL LIFETIME AMBITION An 89-year-old Barkingside songwriter is hoping one of her tunes will be picked by judges including Sir Terry Wogan to be recorded professionally. full story

Jo's work is an inspiration to us all to keep the creative juices flowing, fearlessly!
Charlotte Diamond